About us

The singer SAWA who made her debut as a singer and lyricist through the world widely popular game’s sound track, “The World Ends with You” had formed her original band, SAWAS PHOOL. Her former band “SAWA” seized it’s creation in 2010, but that was not the end. With the strong desire to do something genuinely fun together with fans and friends, the former band member Zizi and Sawa struck up a new band in 2011. They added “S” to “SAWA” so that stands for the plural people that co-exist in this band (including fans and friends), and “PHOOL” stands for “flower” in Hindi words. Since it sounds like “fool” in English, it also represent boldness to play fool for the great fun! The concept of this band is “NO CONCEPT”. We wish to be seen by your eyes, and to be heard by your won two ears and not to be stereotyped by any roomers. Most importantly we wish you to FEEL our songs and sounds with YOUR SENSE. Their activities are based in Tokyo (Shibuya) but their songs are spreading world widely supported by, Boston Bastard Brigade(Boston), 88.3 The Saint FM (N.Y.), 91.8 the Fan FM, 97.3 FM WRIR (VA), 90.5 FM WUOG(Georgia), 91.8 The Fan FM (World), Grind Online(Australia)… etc. And their force is getting larger and larger every month and a day!!! So we strongly hope you to try their sounds that leads to the Shangri-La of NO BORDER and NO BOUNDARY.




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